Why unity don't copies the videos to Ipad?

Hi, I been created to StreamingAssets folder, folder, and then, I created a Videos folder, inside the Videos folder insert 2 videos in m4v format.
I called this way the videos into the script

string pathVideo ="/Videos/video1.m4v";
Debug.Log("FILE " + pathVideo + " EXIST? == " +System.IO.File.Exists(pathVideo));
Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie (project.videoURL , Color.black,FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full,FullScreenMovieScalingMode.AspectFit);

When I builded the project in xcode project, not exist a folder Videos, I create referencing videos folder, but the “Debug.Log” I put before always shows me “FILE /Videos/video1.m4v EXIST? == FALSE”, I dont understand what’s wrong, because I don’t moved something. I just changed the videos to others in best quality, but all videos fail now