why unity IPA file size increased after installation as compare to unity APK?

Hi, I’m working on a 2D game with lots of textures/sprite image, when I build for Android the APK size is 54MB and installation size is 76MB but when I build for iphone the IPA size is almost 150MB and installation size is more then 550MB. I don’t know the size jumps so high for iphone?

You can consider APK files as zip files. When an APK is built, your assets are compressed and zipped into it. So when the APK is installed it basically gets unpacked. So basically, that’s how it is. Some APKs as low as say 2 MB goes to 10 to 15 MB after installation.

The drill is to reduce the APK size, resulting in reduction of size after installation.

P.S.: I really don’t know much about iPhone though!