Why unity seems stop responding?

As I built up my scene became more complex and my unity seems stopped working, as I press play button in unity, FirstPersonController doesn’t move and all animation doesn’t play at all; I control my FPS with xbox360 controller and it all works in other scenes, so it is not because of the Input setting; en, but the background music still play and if I click the forward button(right next to the play and pause button in unity), I can see all animation played frame by frame;

Could it be one of your systems is stuck in a INF loop? either that or one of your scripts in your character has caused an error - in my experiance this seems to stop all scripts attached to the object.

Yes, I think so, I need to double check all the script linked to the FPC and the scene AI etc, it stopped because it doesn’t compile anymore,

If I can’t figure it out, I just re-write the scene and seperate them into different scenes;

Many thanks for your responds, I will make this game as my Grad thesis show in RISD this may hopefully