why unity3d builds are so large?


Since I started with unity3D, I noticed something with my builds, they are heavy. I created a simple 2D game project with nothing and build a blank game for mac 86_64 and i get 44mb game, I have similar size with building windows, but in Android build I have 19MB and HTML5 4MB something is very wrong here.

When I go to the publisher log they say (this is Mac86_64 version build):

Textures      0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Meshes        0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Animations    0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Sounds        0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Shaders       0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Other Assets  0.5 kb	 0.0% 
Levels        4.7 kb	 0.1% 
Scripts       526.1 kb	 11.5% 
Included DLLs 3.9 mb	 88.2% 
File headers  8.9 kb	 0.2% 
Complete size 4.5 mb	 100.0%

But the file actually is 44,3 MB
This is normal? what can i make to reduce that size? 19MB for a empty Android game is too heavy.

Thanks a Lot,

You should read through these manual pages:

A lot of optimizations can be done, but there’s still the engine framework that always gets packed along with your content and seems to be about 12 MB.

You reduce the size by using compression. When you zip the “empty” (it contains the entire game engine plus some necessary libraries) 44MB desktop build, it’s around 15MB. Nothing is wrong and nobody really cares about a few additional MB for downloads; a real game with any significant amount of assets is going to be much larger.