Why URP make unity crash?

I use Unity 2022.2.1f1 and when I add URP (universal rendering pipeline) or URPHD to an empty project I get error messages in the console and if I save a script or do anything in general unity crashes.

massege 1: FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
System.Number.ThrowOverflowOrFormatException (System.Boolean overflow, System.String overflowResourceKey) (at <8f06425e63004caf99a79845675f751e>:0)

massege 2: Assertion failed on expression: ‘exception == SCRIPTING_NULL’

I only want to use the shader graph and I don’t see anyone else having this problem.


It sounds like you are encountering an issue with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) or URP High Definition (URPHD) in Unity. There could be a few different reasons why this is happening, such as:

  • An issue with the version of Unity you are using. Make sure that you are using a supported version of Unity, as specified in the URP or URPHD documentation.

  • An issue with the URP or URPHD package itself. You can try removing and re-importing the package to see if that helps.

  • An issue with a script or other asset in your project. Try creating a new, empty project and adding the URP or URPHD package to it to see if the issue persists. If it does not, the issue may be with a specific asset in your original project.

  • An issue with your computer or operating system. Make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for URP or URPHD, and that you have the latest drivers and updates installed.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or if you need further assistance.

I recommend you to watch some tutorials on how to setup the basic URP.
If you you are unsure, try the URP preset from Unity itself.
Not quite sure why you attach URP to an empty Gameobject, as far as I know, everything
should be done by the Project settings and scriptable URP presets inside your Project-Asset directory.
If you use the Unity URP preset, everything should be setup properly and shader graph should be available.

Hope it helps!