why Video from a server doesn't appear in unity only voice ?

In my Project I want to load a video from azure server through a JSON file . to get the video is good it works but it doesn’t show the video you can only hear the voice. I get many errors too as you see in my project :

Does anyone know this Problem ? hope someone can help me

I never imported/streamed video inside Unity before, but I would say it might be a Codec thing. Most Engines have set things built in they can read/use out of the box but dosent support everything. With Videos there are thousands of diffrent codecs. Can try to see what Codec/Encoder is used in the video and make sure to add/import a wrapper or something in your unity project that supports that codec/encoder.

Lists what Types are supported on What OS

Shows what Codecs are supported
If your stream/azure server is using a diffrent one then the player cant decode and display the video, most of the audio is more standardized so few codecs so more support so might be why you get audio and no video, it can decode the audio stream/track but not the video part.