Why vote up a question?

Why should I care to vote on a question?

It appears on the site anyway.

  • Because it brings good questions to light, so that other people may get to them easier when searching.
  • Because it phrases things in a clearer fashion than other similar questions.
  • Because it has good answers, and on list of questions people only get to see the question's scores.
  • Because you just think it raises a good point.
  • Because you have exactly the same question, and need an answer, dammit!
  • Because you were wondering exactly that, and someone just saved you having to ask it.
  • Because you're working towards that shiny "Civic Duty" badge.

Good questions that will help lots of people are worth distinguishing from highly specific implementation questions, in my opinion.

It takes work to generalize a question enough to make it relevant to many people, while making it specific enough to be answerable. That work should be rewarded.

Because new users asking awesome questions deserve the credit and we all want as many participators in UnityAnswers as possible.

Go see this forum-post to discuss this issue further.

Answers is not a zero-sum game. You can actually Manufacture Happiness!

you should vote up good questions that you think that they are useful for tohers or a common problem or ... then they'll apear in first pages and in top rows of searches and others can find good stuff easier. sites like answers are all about co operation and this will motivate questioners and those who answer to do more.

In a set of similar questions you are able to see which one is the most relevant. That is voting up questions helps people to identify the most important ones you should know.

Why can’t new users upvote? I’ve received so much help here so far and my only way to thank folks is to reply to them.