Why was my app rejected from Daydream? Your app allows head gaze as a controller substitute when a menu is present

My app was rejected from the Daydream store, but I do not understand how my app has violated their quality requirements. Their feedback was this: " Your app allows head gaze as a controller substitute when a menu is present". They told me that it violates UX-C1 of our Daydream App Quality Requirements - Design
I attached The screenshot that they sent me. The menu item is the “play cube”. If you can look carefully, you can see that they are using the laser as a pointer controller. This is the only “clickable” item in the game. As a side note, the only thing that moves with your head gaze is your paddle (the green rectangle).

Can someone describe what “head gaze as a controller substitute” means and tell me how it relates to my project? Now that I think about it, it may be getting upset that I am moving the paddle when the “play cube” is present.

I was able to figure and correct the issue with the help from Google Support. The main Camera rotates with the player’s gaze direction. This means that the GvrControllerPointer depends on the main camera. This violated the requirements because you moved the laser when you also moved your head.
Hierarchy View:

........Main Camera

When I switched to this structure, the problem was solved. The GvrControllerPointer is now independent of the Main Camera and the player’s gaze.

........Main Camera