Why when I import an FBX does my Vive viewing position change?

I’m running a pretty basic setup based off of HTC Vive Tutorial for Unity | Kodeco.

When I import an FBX file, it displays properly, but when I go to play the game, my viewing position is way off.

By “way off”, I mean that I can see tiny little models of the remotes floating below me, I can see the teleport laser, but when I try to teleport, nothing happens except from the little models moving. My actual viewpoint is essentially removed from my virtual “body”.

Why does my viewing position change just from importing an FBX file?

(If I delete the FBX file, my viewpoint goes back to normal.)

I found out that the FBX for that particular object had a “camera preset” component. After disabling that component, the view went back to normal.