Why windZone is not working on my 3d model

Hello all,

WindZone seems to be an easy tool, but I find that it’s not working on my 3d model, while it is working with trees?

Works with trees:

Doesn’t work with non-trees:


See here.

To my knowledge, Wind Zones only work on three other types of objects: Terrain Trees (if created with TreeCreator or SpeedTree only), detail meshes on terrains, and particle systems with external forces enabled.

If your object is not one of the three, you’ll need to implement the wind effect manually on it.

I’ve exported an .Obj file of the wheat model, and placed it as a tree under terrain trees:
In trees icon, chose edit trees → add tree → placed wheat on the terrain using the blue marker.
What is detail meshes on terrain?

Maybe I’ll try using this tutorial