why won't level load? using Application.LoadLevel

I’m asking in case there is something obvious happening in my code… After clicking the save button I want the game to load the main menu… but it doesn’t. (It does save the score and text)

The main menu button works fine.

I commented out my original direct calls to Application.LoadLevel(“levelName”) and put in a simple Load function so I could potentially debug the button press… but nothing being printed out

    function OnGUI () {

	GUI.skin = styledText;

	// Make a group in the centre of the screen
	GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(Screen.width/2-100, Screen.height / 2 -100, 200, groupBoxHeight));
	// Make a box to see the group on the screen
	GUI.Box (Rect(x1,y1,200,40),messageQuote, "message_style");
	//What was the score
	GUI.Label(Rect(x2,y2,200,40),"Score: "+ PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SCORE"), "score_style");
	//GUI.skin = styleButton;
	//main menu button
		if(GUI.Button (Rect(x3, y3,buttonWidth,buttonHeight),"Main Menu"))
		//Application.LoadLevel("sceneMainMenu"); //Take us to the start
	//text box
	 stringToEdit = GUI.TextField (Rect (x4, y4, buttonWidth,buttonHeight), stringToEdit, "text_box");
	//save score
	   if(GUI.Button (Rect(x5, y5,buttonWidth,buttonHeight),"Save Score"))
		scriptSceneManager.UpdateLeaderboard(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SCORE")+" "+stringToEdit); 
		scriptSceneManager.ResetScore(); //flatten current score
		scriptSceneManager.score = 0; //belt and braces but this is not my bug


    function Load(Level : String){
  print("load level "+Level);

any thoughts appreciated! (circling downward on this one :frowning: )

because the script isn’t attached to anything… self confessed muppet mode was the problem… I had been going round in circles and I was editing / debugging the wrong script.