Why won't my assets import?

I'm trying to follow the basic tutorial to start, but my assets won't import. First it gives me this message:

Error while importing package: Couldn't decompress package

Then it says this:

Failed to import package /Applications/Unity/Standard Packages/Standard Assets.unityPackage

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how do you fix it? I'm using a mac with the free version if that matters. Thanks!

I tried reinstalling the game, and it did not help. Can you think of anything else that I could do to fix it?

One more thing: I tried doing it manually and that didn't work ethier.

I'm trying to import the default packages that come with the program. And now nothing works. The island demo is not showing up, and even when I try to use the basic assets from there they don't work.

I just tried installing unity on a different mac I have access to, and it works fine. The only difference is that the computer I got it to work on was running snow leapord. Could this make a difference?

Maybe in the address of your project's path has a letter like "". Simpy save your new project to drive C. I had the same problem, and it has solved it.

Have you tried re-installing Unity? I know how it sounds, but you'd be surprised. My friend had tons of problems with errors and crashing and just re-installed a fresh download of the program which fixed everything. Maybe somewhere along the road your file got corrupted.

Are you sure its a package you are trying to import. I made the mistake of trying to import a package once and it wasnt a package, it was only the scene file. Make sure its exported out as a package. If you are trying to import an asset- make sure you go to file import new assest instead of package. I have made this mistake several times.

i’ve been having the same problem “error while importing package couldn’t decompress package” and i even reformat my computer and reinstall a diferent version of unity and it still happens :frowning: i thing it’s a bug!!.. i just can’t keep goin :SSS!!