Why wont my blender file work in unity

I am running Blender 2.65 and i saved my file as a .blender file and put it in assets file like it said then it says it doesnt work need 2.46 2.5 or later version of blender which im using 2.65. I exported as a FXB file now nothing shows up and it tells me that there is nothing for my model and its recalculating it. Can someone help please

You model that you want and export it as a .blend to the folder you want in Unity, yes .blend files work, when exporting as a .FXB you must select what you want to export and the in the .FXB export menu in Blender click on Export Selected. or the normals are on the wrong side if you don’t see anything, oh and it depends on which version of Unity as well, i think the older versions of Unity don’t support .blends. try Unity 4 if you don’t have it.

Hey Guys,

Check this link out:


Blender 2.45 or later will allow you to export .FBX files from blender into Unity without any trouble. Unsure why Unity is saying that you need to upgrade your version of blender, if the model was exported from 2.45 or higher. Perhaps it’s down to your version of Unity, as Max has pointed out.