Why won't my box collider collide?

Hi, I've got a box collider attached to a character controller. When I move the character controller, the box collider won't collide when it comes into contact with, say, a wall. Because it's acting as my gun, the player can simply stick it through the wall and fire... not acceptable. So, is there a way to do this, and if so, how?

I thought I remembered another Question that answered that, and just found it - ironically, it's your post :) Seagulls flying through models, in which you say a script always overrides physics.

Since the Character Controller uses a script, FPSWalker, I would guess that overrides the box Collider.

You need to create a collider for the gun.

A character controller uses a capsule collider only. If you want to use other colliders, you'll have to use something other than a character controller.

Not the script, add Rigidbody to both the Player and the Trigger Collider and check kinematic on both I also set Collision Detection to continuous That should help out.