Why won't my dropdown buttons work?

When I try to change the selected item in a drop down, nothing happens, I can’t even make the drop down return to being closed.

I have the dropdown in a pause menu that opens when the player pauses the game. I can see that people are having trouble with turning on and off the parent canvas.

What do I do?

Update: I can use the horizontal controls to change the value, just not my mouse.

The canvas is in camera space IDK if that changes anything.

I moved the plane distance to see if that would do anything, and it did disable my buttons, but upon moving it farther the drop down still doesnt work.

I created a new canvas and placed only the settings object into in.

I believed that the problem is that the canvas was a camera space not a screen space… However upon switching all the objects over the error reoccurred. So I’ve stuck with my first solution and will attempt to debug further on another day.

had this problem, the solution was to see if something was blocking in the hierarchy.
the hierarchy goes from bottom to top, so the bottom will be in front of the screen.
In my case, the image was in front of the buttons blocking them, so always keep the ‘interactables’ at the bottom of the hierarchy.