Why won't my exported FBX file work in Unity?

I’ve been looking at a lot of tutorials and responses on this forum to try to figure this out but have gotten nowhere. I’m trying to export a character model with textures and animation from Maya as an FBX file and then import that file into Unity. Here’s my process:

I ‘Export Selection’ with my geometry and rig selected.

I make sure ‘Animation’, ‘Bake Animation’ and ‘Embed Media’ are checked in the FBX file options. Then I click on ‘Export Selection’ once I name the file.

Then I get this dialogue box with this warning message:

Warning: Invalid delection set (1)

  • The FBX plug-in cannot export the
    Geometry Cache for the following
    reason(s): No set is selected for
    geometry cache export, the selected
    set is empty, or the selection set is
    applied to the shape node of the
    object instead of its transform node:

I’m not sure what that warning means. I then open Unity and go to Assets > Import New Asset > woodpecker_walkcycle.fbx (the file I just exported from Maya)

This is what shows up in Unity:

The model and textures show up, but I don’t get the rig or animation. What am I missing in my process? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It’s a Maya to FBX problem. The animation never got exported, so Unity is correctly showing the model in T-Pose.

I’m not a modeller, but there are several(?) animation types you could be using. Some (FK and keyframes) export easier than others. Maybe one of them uses that Geometry cache, and it really is the problem. But the answers are going to be in “Maya export XXX animation.”

Thank you Owen for your feedback.

My issue was apparently more simplistic. I’m shaking the dust off of some Maya skills I haven’t used in awhile and I just overlooked something obvious.

I found out that I was selecting the geometry ‘group’ not the the actual geometry in the Outliner. I made sure I opened the group and selected the geometry shape and everything worked great.

Also, rather than exporting the FBX file from Maya to the Unity folder, I found it was better to simply export the FBX file to the same folder where all of my Maya scenes are. Then open Unity and go to Assets > Import New Asset and select the FBX file from the Maya scenes folder.

That way, Unity made sure all of the materials and assets went to the appropriate folders. Everything shows up now and the slow animation was again a problem of my own making which required adjusting some keyframes in Maya.

Problem solved. :slight_smile: