Why won't my PickUpItem Get picked up?

My pick up item won’t be picked up by my widget. it just runs through it, and I can’t figure out why. I haven’t been able to find any errors in my script that could be stopping this from happening. have have a copy of my script below, and if there are any errors, or anything that I might be missing, please let me know. If there isn’t anything wrong with the script, could you please tell me what the issue might be. Thank you//PickUpItems : Handles any itmes lying around the world that Widget can pick Pick up.
var itemType : InventoryItem;
var itemAmount = 1;
private var pickedUp = false;
//When widget finds an item on the field
function OnTriggerEnter(collider : Collider){
//Make sure that this is a player hitting the item and not an enemy
var playerStatus : Widget_Status = GetComponent.().GetComponent(Widget_Status);
if(playerStatus == null) return;

  //Stop it from being picked up twice by accident 
  if(pickedUp) return;

  //if everythings good, put it in widgets inventory 
  var widgetInventory = GetComponent.<Collider>().GetComponent(Widget_Inventory);
  widgetInventory.GetItem(itemType, itemAmount);
  pickedUp = true;

  //get rid of it now that its in the inventory

//Make sure the pickup is set up properly with a collider
function Reset (){
if (GetComponent.() == null){
GetComponent.().isTrigger = true;
@script AddComponentMenu(“Inventory/PickupItems”)

Nevermind, We found the issue.