Why won't shadows render?

I’ve tried everything! I went through numerous tutorials and I couldn’t find a way to make shadows work. I have a directional light in the scene. All of the renderers in the scene cast and receive shadows. My directional light settings are as follows:

Color: White

Intensity: 0.3

Cookie: None

Cookie Size: 10

Shadow Type: Hard Shadows

 Strength: 1

 Resolution: Use Quality settings

 Bias: 0

Draw Halo: false

Flare: none

Render Mode: Important

Culling Mask: Everything

Lightmapping: Auto

The rotation of the light is pointed at the terrain and does make a difference in the lighting of the scene, just it doesn’t render any shadows. Under Project Settings->Quality, the shadow settings are:

Shadows: Hard and Soft Shadows

Shadow Resolution: Very High Resolution

Shadow Projection: Stable fit

Shadow Cascades: Four Cascades

Shadow Distance: 9999

I think shadows are a pro feature. I don’t know if this is the case, but if you are using unity free then you can’t render shadows.