Why won't Time.timeScale set to 0 when I achieve the conditions?

I have included a picture of the c# script I’m having issue with. I have two float values, 1 for Minutes and 1 for Seconds. In Update these values are counted down over time to simulate a clock count down.

However, I was having the issue of the values not displaying like a clock I.e. displaying 1:6 instead of 1:06 when the values reached single digits. And I fixed that on line 27 where I have commented out notes.

It was after this fix however that now, in the if statement in Update, the script doesn’t set the timeScale to 0 when the float values both reach 0. I don’t know how to fix this, could someone help please?

gametimeseconds get’s set to 60 every time i went below 0. After that you’re checking for it being smaller or equal to 0, which can never happen.