Why wont Unity 2017.3.0f3 start?

Hello, I’m new to Unity and I just installed version 2017.3.0f3. I made an account properly and a was able to create a new project after I opened it Unity would not load the work space and no error messages was given. Also when I tried to reopen a previous project the program did not allow project to run as well. Ive included a video to better illustrate my problem. Thanks for your help.

Link: My Unity Issue - YouTube

I have the exact same issue, only I’m not new to Unity. I installed a Windows update today and everything has been very buggy since. My old projects will not run. I tried re-downloading projects from the cloud, and they won’t run. I tried making new projects, and they won’t run. I finally tried un-installing and reinstalling Unity and still nothing would run. My best guess is that something happened with the Windows update because Unity was working fine before I updated this morning.