Why won't Unity Web Player work in Chrome?

Let me first say that I’m on Mac OSX 10.9.5. I’ve recently switched from using Firefox to Chrome, and every time I try to play a webgame that uses Unity in Chrome, it tells me to install Unity Web Player. I can download the installer, run it, and it tells me that the installation completed successfully, but if I then try to play a Unity webgame on Chrome, it still tells me to install the software. It works on every other browser, though. Could anyone tell me how to fix this?

Chrome 39 appears to not support NPAPI which the Unity Web Player uses.

Chrome became 64bit on Mac with version 39 and thus made our plugin incompatible.
We are working on fixing that from our end.

To fix this until they fully drop support NPAPI.


Web player works fine for me with Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122 on OSX 10.10
You may need to install it yourself rather then from a web player app. Try this link:

You also have to give the app permission to run. Right click on the screen that says “Unity player needs your permission to run”, and give it permission.


I’ve heard elsewhere that chrome is starting to reduce its support for plugins like unity. I’m not sure if this is true, just something I’ve heard. Some may continue to have support for awhile, but if it is true then it will only get worse. I certainly hope it isn’t, I like chrome.

I already asked in my own question, but here I’ll state it again. I’m having the same problem in both Opera and Safari as well.
If 64 bit is the problem I guess all browsers will currently suffer…

Not sure if this applies to anyone else but I recently upgraded to Unity P1 and then P2 which is when the webplayer stopped working.

I found the following info after performing a truck tonne of searches

That’s why I don’t use Chrome any more because of that problem. I recommend you use Internet Explorer instead because Chrome may not support Unity Web Player.

Just a side note, as far as i know, the component needed for Unity Web Player will become obsolete and not used by browsers in the near future, so it’s best to start trying to use WebGL instead.

All the information you need about it is here:

There are other browser plugin installation methods. Is there any word that Unity is working on porting the installer?
Is that viable for some reason? Is the change something completely transformative? Flash will still be working, which is just freakish. Too back Unity stopped exporting as Flash, or web developers might have more options.

This is the Answers page, after all…

Loosing the unity player in Chrome we have seen a 2/5th reduction in game traffic over the last month. Whilst we are equally excited about WebGL potential the current WebGL release is far to bulky for production rollout, so for now we tighten our belts and no longer support Chrome browser for game delivery.

If it helps here’s some javascript we added to our game embed code that detect Chrome and display an alternative message:

  if(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('chrome') > -1){
    		document.write('Following Googles decision to stop certain game plugins, we no longer support or recommend Chrome as our gaming platform. Please use any other browser to play our games.');
               //embed unity game

it looks like chrome is phasing out support for Npapi Plugins which is defaulted to off in update 42 and looks like going to be completely removed by update 45 so enabling in flags will be gone as an option in chrome

Chrome wont support any plugins unless it’s from the chrome store