Why would I make a loading screen?

I was wondering why somebody would want a loading screen. I admit it looks professional, but I don’t need it, because the next scene, tough it is a big one, is loaded in a few milliseconds.

Is there someway to extend this loading time to make a loading screen, and pre render a few of the scene’s components? Or are the loading screens in most games (except for networking) not needed?


Loading screens can be a useful tool to provide the player with a list of objectives, tips, storyline or just humour whilst the scene is loading. “Zombiewood” is a good example of such a game:

alt text

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If the loading screen is not actually needed (i.e. game loads fast and it is not useful as a tool) then I wouldn’t bother with it myself!

You could load the scene in the background having a status message as its loads on your loading screen and then have a message that says “Loading Finished…Press Any Key To Continue”

will allow you to pre-load the scene but not switch to it until you want to, i.e when the user presses any key.

This way you dont have to extend the loading time but you still get to show a loading/splash screen