Why WWW ignore "other language" file path.

I’m try to make music player in unity. But WWW is ignore a path contain with non-english character.

Like this path example “File://C: est-ก.mp3”

Or this “File://F:\เพลง est.mp3”

Any solution? Why?

PS: I don’t think the code is wrong. Because a path > “File://C: est.mp3”
The music is play without any problem.

You are using a WWW protocol to access local files, do not know is the best way to do this.

Anyway URL encoding replaces non ASCII characters with a “%” followed by hexadecimal digits… Try to encode the path/filename before accessing it.
Even the docs says this: Unity - Scripting API: WWW.WWW

Note: URL must be ‘%’ escaped.

See Unity - Scripting API: WWW.EscapeURL

string escName = WWW.EscapeURL("Fish & Chips");