Why XR Origin/Player doesn't stick to the Camera when moving Heatset around?

I’ve he tried everything for about 7 days now and I’m at the end of my (young) knowledge.
All I need, is a to have a functional player movement in a first person VR.
So far I can walk around. In order to avoid walking through walls and stuff, I added a Character Controler to my XROrigin/Player. It works BUT if I make a pysical step to the side for example, the Player doesn’t follow. I still can move through the room via Controls but as long as I don’t step back inside the players spot, the Headset will be as far away from XROrigin and collision with objects and environment will be false. I also tried other solutions without the CharacterController but it simply doens’t work
So somehow the Player should have to follow the headset but I just don’t know how to do this,

Please help!

Ok Ok… I figured that I needed to add also the “Character Controller DRIVER”. Now player follows cam but cam did won’t be pushed away from walls and stuff.