Wich is faster? Mesh collider or lots of primitive colliders?

I am making the map geometry of my game, and it has a big city where you can go inside most buildings, and i was making the collision for the meshs combining lots of primitive colliders. But it takes too much time to make, so i was wondering if i could’nt just use a mesh collider instead. Will it affect too much my performance?


I have a large building,
Its made out of around 4000 polygons. Around 3000 vertices.
And its composed by near 76 box colliders.

Took a while to make. Would it be better to use a mesh collider?

Given the number 4000, I think it is safe to say primitive colliders will still win. But hey, don’t worry about the performance until you really sees an impact. So just use mesh collider and test the game, if it is ok then mesh collider it is. Make box colliders only when you have to.

I’ve seen approximate lower-poly meshes used as mesh collider of higher-poly one, but it’s rare.