Widely used tools integrated into the editor

Unity has a lot of amazing tools, but I don't quite understand why some of them just don't come integrated in the editor by default. Some examples I can give here would be:

  • ProBuilder
  • TextMeshPro

Others are not as widely used, but would also be interesting to be implemented by default:

  • CineMachine
  • PolyBrush
  • ProGrids (because it is better than the integrated version and much more practical too)

The 2020 teck cycle is focusing a lot on workflow, and these are definitely tools that the community uses largely in their projects, so it would be of great help if they already came by default.

What do you think?

Edit 1: I mean the package comes pre-installed by default in the project. It would be very bad if it were literally integrated:p

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Can you define "integrated in the editor by default"? Do you refer to install those packages by default or do you refer they should be part of Unity core rather than a package?

Some users might find having those packages available on default useful, others might not. I don't use most of them, so it would just clutter my project and causes the editor to perform slower.

If you use these packages regularly, can't you add a new project template to Unity where those packages are just part of? I mean, that's the beauty of packages, it's highly configurable what you pull in.


Plus, it would be a tragedy for me if I couldn't bend those packages to my will anymore because they have become part of the closed source editor.


Will TMPro namespace ever be moved into the UnityEngine namespace? (Possibly renamed to not sound like an add-on?)

And will it replace Text and TextMesh anytime soon? TMPro seems to outclass it in every possible way but currently UnityEngine and UnityEngine.UI’s namespace make TextMesh/Text the defacto option just on visibility. Possibly putting people on the worst text option out the gate. Also the straightforward naming in editor (Text and 3D Text) makes it seem like to goto text option over than TMPro naming as well - imo

I refer to the packages already coming in the editor by default ... and no, to be literally integrated into it, (even because it would be very bad)

I agree with you, the editor could get very crowded, which is why unity has left him very modular over time.

But in a way, some packages make no sense not to come with it ... ProBuilder itself is a fantastic level design editor / creator, which saves hours / days of level planning, so it would be of great help if it were already installed by default ...

And textMeshPro also ... a native UI feature, very practical and very flexible, but at the same time needs to be imported into the project every time a project is started ...

I'm just curious to see what the community thinks of it, unity probably has the correct data on how many people actually use this tool, but I wouldn't doubt that at least 20% of them don't know these features hidden in the editor:)

I completely agree with @Peter77 . In fact, I didn't even know about project templates, because I had no use for them, but I may start doing that.

On the other hand, I ran into a case last week where a github project (MIT license, of course) that I wanted to integrate into my Unity project uses the PackageManager. This messes things up when you actually want to modify that code for your own project, because it also required other libraries that I couldn't find standalone since it used something like nuget. I had to strip out all the stuff that used other libraries so that I can integrate it into my own code base.

I think some of those are included by default with some of the packages?

TMP is the outlier, because using the old Text components over that is just wrong - they look worse and are harder to work with. All of the others are not things you need in every project - ProBuilder is meaningless in 2D games, lots of games don't want to be on grids, etc.