Wierd Internal Physics problem

i have a project which was working fine until i did something i don’t even know what, and it started giving me this annoying error:

Actor::updateMassFromShapes: Compute mesh inertia tensor failed for one of the actor's mesh shapes! Please change mesh geometry or supply a tensor manually!

it still works fine with the error but i would like to know what’s wrong with it because it’s referring me one of the engines scripts called ‘NpActor.cpp at line:134’ so it seems like something i shouldn’t dismiss. can someone please tell me whats going on

I hate this error with a passion. As far as I can tell, it is related to having a small scale size, mesh collider, rigid body, and some type of collision. Try changing the mesh collider to a box collider if you can, or insure it doesn’t get that small in the first place.