Wierd Sprite Error Keyboard taking sprite area

I have a screen, that needs keyboard input, but when I call the keyboard, the screen redefines its height ( based on the screen space not covered by the keyboard) and adjusts all sprites accordingly. This is very bad, since it only happens when I show the Status Bar ( build settings ) and does not occur when the status bar is hidden. This is for a project due at my school Thursday. all help appreciated.Screenshots of the problem are below.

alt text


I have been plauged with this problem for 2 months, but THIS JUST IN!!!
This is a VERY HACKY SOLUTION, but you have to set a custom resolution for every device ( you can pull Screen.Resolution though. These values are for the HTC One.
Use the snippet in your very first scene, in a Start function. IT WORKED FOR ME!!!

Screen.SetResolution (1080, 1920, false);