Wii Game Development?

Can the Unity platform create games for the Nintendo Wii game console? If not, is it only used for PC/Mac programming or are there other consoles or platforms?

Thank you Hugs the Hippo

To be short, yes it can.

At more length - in order to publish to the Wii, you must become a certified developer by Nintendo, which is actually quite the process. (It took the company I work for months to be accepted and we were actually denied once initially)

From there you have to purchase the Nintendo Wii Development kit from Nintendo and you will have to contact Unity and purchase the Wii-compatible version of Unity.

Also, Unity announced sometime in the not-too-distant future we will be able to develop for XBox360 as well.



It costs $15K and I am using it. To program your gameplay you use Scripting languages like C#, javascript or Mono script. The game development is intense for both programming (gameplay) and drag n'drop (Unity editor). Ah I almost forget: it is only compatible with MAC SO and the PC version it is supposed to be out next year at some time. Good luck ;)

Thank you. We have already contacted Nintendo about becoming a registered developer. How much is the Nintendo Wii Development Compatible version of Unity? Also for the XBox360 too?

Is the game development more programming intensive or drag n' drop? If it is programming what language? C++ or C#?