Wii Infra-Red Head-Tracking Cursor Problem

Howdy. I'm working on a project in which I'm trying to get the Infra-Red tracking capabilities in a Wii controller to head track with a Unity game. Basically I've used a program called Darwiin with the Wii controller pointed at a set of glasses with an infra-red LED on each side to pick up my head movements. With Darwiin and the movement I can control the mouse cursor and therefore move the head of a player in an FPS. It's so simple but works beautifully in every game I've tested it in (because they just recognize it as the mouse input) that is of course until I want to use it with a game in Unity when the cursor moves perfectly well but nothing happens in game (even though the trackpad works as does an external mouse). Can anyone shed any light? Many Thanks, Will.

I assume that Darwiin moves the cursor around, but does not send cursor deltas, which Unity uses to process mouse movement, which would be why it responds differently to actually moving the mouse/touchpad.

A possible workaround might be to query Input.mousePosition to track mouse movements instead.

Also of possible interest: there is an inofficial Unity plugin, which allows you to directly connect Unity to a Wii controller, without requiring additional software like Darwiin.

Hmm, is darwiin working correctly while Unity's running? Is the input manager in unity not setup right? Also if I remember right, darwiin has a bit of trouble with PowerPC macs, but you're most likely using an intel mac. I'm not sure about the problem exactly, but it sounds like something small..try looking into the things i listed above and other small details like that