Wiimote/Uniwii connection problem


I am trying to use the UniWii libraries with limited success and was hoping somebody can help.

When I do manage to get a controller device connected it seems to disconnect after an arbitrary period of time, especially so after I've stopped running the UniWii application. This happens quite a lot inside the Unity IDE and pressing buttons 1&2 does nothing to re-establish the connection.

Also, when I run a release build there is no device connectivity whatsoever despite my Bluetooth manager indicating otherwise.

Has anybody else experienced this issue and can suggest a fix?

Thanks, J.

Try a different BlueTooth adapter. Some are horrible. Also after you add the device in windows, Unity will only detect it the FIRST time you click play. After that it won't detect. I have a similar problem with my Force Feedback plugin, so it might be a Unity bug with plugins.

I have the same problem, a solution would be fine :(