Will an array of Textures affect the performance?

Hello there,

I have a simple question that needs to be clarified before i move ahead. Will the performance of the game be affected by having an large array of textures.,Say some 500 textures in a array. But only 5 or 6 of them will be attached to the object at a time. I tried creating an array of 100 with different textures but it doesnt increase the vRam usage, but in the profiler memory usage the size of the textures loaded increases(Obv. total memory as well), this confuses me!! someone please clarify it!! I forgot to say it is an IOS game.

Textures in video ram and system ram differ in that those in video ram are those that are currently in use (and sometimes you have to evict the textures if your vram gets low and you need another texture). So the vram should attempt to keep only the most frequently used textures in vram and the rest will have to sit on system ram. Once you need to access one of those textures in system ram, it’ll be uploaded to vram, possibly evicting other textures if there are no room.