Will Apple allow Unity for apps and games

Listening to podcasts, browsing around in this forum and on the net in general I have found a lot of conflicting information about whether or not Apple will allow developers to use unity for their apps and/or games. Does anyone know of any final decision from Apples legal department on this topic?

Thanks Jeppe

Apple has pulled the disputed section in their iTunes App Store TOS (which was never actually enforced on Unity games in the first place) a few months ago. See this blog post for details.

Edit: Here is Apple's official statement on this TOS change.

Considering how successful many of the Unity games have been on the App Store it seems unlikely that Apple will pull anything rash. After all, their original announcement has more to do with Flash than other frameworks. Steve Jobs has a real hate-on for Flash for some reason.

While I can't confirm, I've heard the original plan to reject "non-native" applications has been revoked due to framework developers being very upset.

Short answer is "Yes". Unity made games are fine on the App Store.