Will I be able to develop iOS games with the free version of Unity3d?

Unfortunately, I’m a full time student and I can’t currently afford the iOS Unity. Before diving to deeply into unity3d, I was wondering if I will be able to build and test iOS games without the iOS unity. And in a couple of months when I have the money, I will buy the unity IOS and launch the games that I built. In other words, will I need unity iOS from start to finish to develop iOS games, or can I just buy the unity iOS when I’m ready to launch and not have to make any changes to my code?

You cannot build games that target the iPhone/iPad/simulator using the free version of Unity. A typical approach is:

a) Use the free version of Unity and start to learn about game development

b) Make a game that you publish on the web for your mates/family to play

c) Make the game better using feedback from your mates

d) Spend the $400 to buy the iOS add-on

e) Rework the game to make best use of the hardware on the mobile devices

f) Publish the app on the Apple appstore

g) Profit

h) Use the money you made to make your next game

Note that you will need a Mac, and each of the iOS devices you want to target. The cost of this hardware will far exceed the $400 you will need to spend on Unity iOS add-on.

In fact, you CAN use the free Unity Version. You DON’T need Unity Pro to build an iOS game.
BUT you need the iOS Add-On, basic (400$) or Pro (1500$)