Will Muse Behavior be available for free?

As title, is this great tool (without ChatGPT features) going to require a Muse subscription, or is it going to be free for all?

Hi Phanta! I’m the lead for Muse Behavior. At the moment to my knowledge only the Muse generative features will require a Muse subscription. I can’t promise it won’t change, but at the moment I have no knowledge of any plans to change it :slight_smile:


Thanks, It’s really good news and i can’t wait to try it in my next project.

Also, i just want to express general appreciation to you and the team for the dedication and effort you’re putting into it. It’s nice to see someone who cares, for a change.

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Had to prepare the aloe after this burn :slight_smile:

Thank you for recognising our dedication! This has been my passion project for the last couple of years at Unity and I can’t contain my excitement to finally see it out there and getting feedback for it!

And everyone who joined the team truly made this project their own and contributed something amazing to it. I hope the other members will get to say hello on the discussion pages soon when they’re back from the holidays as they’re all fantastic :slight_smile: