Will my game be effected by animations and particles playing when not near them?

Hi all,

So as the title states, would my game run slower or even be effected with animations and particles running whilst the player is not near them? Say 10 torches in the first room while your in room 6?


If your animations are running even when they are not visible then they will require the computational resources for calculating the animation but this can be avoided by setting Animations to Play Only When Rendered for these animations so that these animations will only be played and computed only when they are not rendered.

Also Unity uses frustum culling, where in Unity will only render the things that are actually visible by the camera so no computation needs to be made for rendering when they are not visible. So your lights will not be calculated when they do not affect any object that is to be rendered.

Unity is quite optimized for such things so you do not need to usually worry about these things, Unity is nice like that. :slight_smile: