Will .Net WebRequest be available in Unity 3.0 web player?

We are testing using Unity for some online 3D content. We tried to use the WebRequest interface available in .Net but learned it's not available in .Net runtime in the Unity web player.

Since we need stream based access to the http reponse data (which the Unity WWW doesn't provide), we've implemented our own basic HTTP client code with .Net TcpClient and .Net Sockets.

Will the WebRequest (and WebProxy) interfaces be available for use in the Unity Web Player in version 3.0? In the past, it was mentioned it might be availble in a Unity version 2.7 (but I don't think that is going to exist).

cheers, Eric

Software Architect www.mixamo.com

There is no final decision on this yet. When you say HTTP response data, I assume that you mean HTTP response header data. I have added that as a feature to the builtin WWW class. Other than the hTTP response headers, is there anything else that WebConnection/WebRequest would offer you that our builtin WWW class does not?

I'm not entirely sure if this will work in your case, but have you tried using System.Net.WebClient? I remember hearing from others that that is available in the Web player, but I don't know if it can suit your needs or not.