Will NPOT texture cause performance problem in Unity? Can it be resolved by using SpritePacker?

After read some articles, it seems that using NPOT texture directly may cause some performance problems. But unfortunately, the tile texture I used to make my game scene is NPOT texture (20px * 20px, that is because my charater is 60px high).

The question is that will it still cause the performance problem if NPOT tiles are packed by unity build-in SpritePacker, or NPOT problem is not serious nowadays ? Thanks very much!:slight_smile:
If it will, I may need have to redraw my characters.

If you’re either using Sprites or UI Images, packing with the Sprite Packer is what you want. It always chooses the lowest POT Texture possible and so enables it for compression on iOS. They are not a problem per se, but since a graphics card only understands POT textures, they get scaled up to the next larger value. An additional problem is not being able to batch draw calls because of the constant texture swap necessary for rendering the different things.
Pack them and you’re good to go.