Will somebody help me?

If I design a game using the unity software, am I able to play it on a system?(I.E ps3 or xbox360)

You can make your games for the Ps3 and Xbox 360, BUT you need to get approved(I think) and then you need to buy a license which is proberly at a 5-6+ digit price easily. You need to talk to Unity sales and ask them about the details.

No. You'll be able to play it on MAC or PC, or web form.

no you will not able to play

as an example, it will cost you $15000 for a wii license, xbox and ps3 are much more. You cannot test on these devices without a license. You can however develop and test on each plaform with the proper SDK, like XNA for xbox. These however are not for designing full release games and cannot port unity designed games :)

that really suxx because i was thinking i could just burn it onto a dvd disc and play it in my playstation 3 like he did with the xbox in the movie grandmas boy.