Will super-smoothed meshes affect the performance of games in android/iOS based phones

Good morning everyone. The question that I would like to ask is as stated above.

I have a character done using Maya. Done with its rigging and animations uv and such. I even smoothed it out, and makes up to 50k polys. The question is, when I import the object and did the game, will this game affects the performance of nowadays gaming phones, like lagging too much just to load everything, spikes here and there when moving?

p.s: Consider that my surrounding objects and meshes are also smoothed just like how I did towards my character.

You know that AAA PS3/XBox titles have around 10k-20k poly for main characters?
Never smooth anything for games. Never

β€œFor mobile devices, somewhere between 300 and 1500 polygons per mesh will give good results, whereas for desktop platforms the ideal range is about 1500 to 4000. You may need to reduce the polygon count per mesh if the game can have lots of characters onscreen at any given time. As an example, Half Life 2 used 2500–5000 triangles per character. Current AAA games running on the PS3 or Xbox 360 usually have characters with 5000–7000 triangles.”

But just like Clet_ said, main character for PS3/Xbox title tends to had around 10k-20k.

Graphics performance is not only about number of polygons. Take a look at the the tips for optimizing performance from Unity manual.

Unity Manual: Optimizing Graphics Performance

50K! That honestly means that there are triangles not needed.
If you did that for detailing, then just use a normal map. If you still have the history go to the un-smoothed mesh and use the smoothed out mesh to generate a normal map for the low-poly mesh.