Will the new version of unity support vertex animation?

FBX has the potential to export vertex animations. In 3D studio max I'd like to load animations via point cache then export the animations into an FBX to be played in Unity.

The question is will the new version of unity support vertex animations of this kind? If not I understand since most game engines have verts driven by bone.

Unity3.0 will not come with native support for this, however our scripting languages are really fast(tm), so you can actually code this yourself from script if you need it badly.

Release is in Asset Store !

I can't code this myself that why I buy unity :)

I'm bumping this one. It seems to be a recurring question in one form or the other. It's the first instance which brings up the possibility of animated vertices driven by bones.

I'm wondering whether this would be efficient enough to do in multiple unity instances and where I should start with the scripting (Thought I have a feeling it's still a bit too much for me at the time).

MegaFiers will allow you to use your vertex animations either as morphs or point cache files such as .mdd or .pc2. More info http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/89750-Mega-Fiers.-A-mesh-deformation-system-RELEASE?p=691276&viewfull=1#post691276