Will the Unity AI Robotics projects from the Unity blog post be publicly available?


In the Unity blog post from September 16th (Unity AI 2021 interns: Navigating challenges with robotics), two projects were mentioned, one on inverse kinematics using a VR controller to change the end-effector’s position, and another on using multiple robots in collaboration together for a find-and-ferry task.

Will these projects become available like the other demos currently available on GitHub? If so, is there an expected date on when they will be available?

The inverse kinematics, especially with the combination with VR, would be great to be able to experiment with.

Thank you

Hello and thanks for reaching out. We currently plan on releasing demos to the public however there is no expected date for their release yet as we have been focused on other priorities. We do however take into consideration your interest and appreciate the inquiry.

Hi @unity_pOmzg4o0fQikBQ .

You're welcome. I understand, thank you for the information. I hope inverse kinematics gets released in some way in the future as this would be greatly appreciated for robot control, especially for grasping tasks.