Will there be a Unity Remote for Android Devices?

Like the title says; any chance of seeing a Unity iPhone Remote equivalent for Android devices in the not-too-distant future?

I did some scouring of the forums and around the web but couldn't find any mention of this.

From what I can see, the API between iPhone/Android is very similar (in some cases the same), but getting that tactile feedback from a device in the editor is invaluable to my team.

We have pro licenses for both iPhone and Android and our current workflow is set as "build flexibly for iOS, port to Android."

I appreciate any help, but in the meantime can anyone offer any advice as far as workflow during Android dev??



Yes, it's coming, but Unity Android, as it stands right now (Aug 4 '10) is very incomplete. Unity Android won't be released at the same time as Unity 3, so Unity Android Remote could potentially be a ways off.

Would luv Unity Remote for Android & it will make you loads of money as Android will soon be the Number 1 mobile operating system. cant wait for it to be released hopefully the first half of 2011..

here you go, this is the direct link for download


Android is now the first OS in world, but Apple Apps Store is the largest apps store in the world, and the profits made by developers are still the highest in the world. Apple paid 2 billions for iOS developers.

:) You have all the skills. One last thing you need to do - Open your eyes and mind.