Will there be more categories?

Discussions is currently just a gigantic list of beginner questions. It’s very hard to find similar value here vs the old forums. It seems like one thing which might help would be a good set of categories to select from, but there are very few at the moment. Are more planned?

If not, what is the plan for coming here to look at topics that are relevant to us?



Are we going to be able to talk about general gaming and dev news? Or does it all have to be strictly on topic?

Toxic as it could be I still enjoyed the community aspect of the forums. Just answering questions, 99% of them very basic, will not build a sense of community.

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This is basically mandatory for the Unity Forums to continue existing as a community. Just dumping every post into discussions with perhaps some quick tags is a terrible idea. There need to be subforums or categories that actually separate posts meaningfully.

Additionally, the pageless format of discussions needs to be toggleable, it makes sense for quick Q&A style posts, but for some of the long threads with hundreds of posts on the forums, it makes it borderline impossible to navigate.


Unity Discussions pre-July 15 is not a replacement for Unity Forums but for Unity Answers (beginner-friendly site). As to Unity Forums arriving here: