Will Unity be supporting .NET Standard for scripts?

I know back in April Unity joined the .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group but I have not seen very much information about this change on the Unity side of things.

For example, on the roadmap page in the Development section it says

Scripting: Mono Runtime Upgrade
Upgrade Mono Runtime against our
current .Net 2.0 and 2.0 Subset
profiles. This includes many fixes and
improvements, but does not include an
upgrade to the .Net 4.6 profile

There is no mention of moving to .NET Standard or .NET Core. Moving to scripts to use netstandard1.6 should make it easier to make cross platform games, shouldn’t it? Or are they still waiting for Mono runtimes on all the platforms they support to support .NET Core 1.0 first?

Does anyone have any links to official blog posts or fourm posts from Unity Staff about this?

UPDATE: It appears someone made a post on the feedback site about this. Hopefully some kind of answer will be given there.

Netstandard 2.0 will be supported once it is finalized.

Ref: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/why-not-netstandard.458636/

Yes it will