Will Unity work with dropbox on macbook?

I am going to move to the US in a few days, and I’m part of a team working on a Unity game using dropbox to sync files. In Chicago, I want to buy the newest macbook air as I would rather need a laptop for school. I searched around and found that it was more than capable to run Unity. But will it cause any problems with syncing the dropbox like bugged scenes, because the rest of the team works with windows?

Thanks in advance!

Will it work? Yes. Will it be a pleasant experience? NO! - Git is your friend.

Just to name a few issues using services like Dropbox:

  1. There’s ‘no’ way you could tell
    what code modifications your other
    team-mate had done. There’s no way
    to monitor your development
    progress, see what’s been added,
    removed, etc.
  2. It’s very difficult to revert
    back to a certain ‘version’ of your
    code, since, once you modify
    something that’s it… it’s been
    modified. The only way to get back
    to a previous version is to have
    back-ups… good luck managing them.
  3. It’s very hard to work at the
    same time cause you’re modifying the
    same code. Say you’re
    ‘experimenting’ on a feature that
    you’re not so sure about, you write
    code that causes some compile
    errors, you decide it’s time to take
    a coffee break… Your team-mate has
    work to do as well, but now he sees
    there’s compile errors, has to wait
    for you to get back and fix them…
    :slight_smile: - Git lets you easily create separate branches to test out any features that you’re not sure about, once you’re committed, you could merge against your main branch.
  4. It’s not professional. Mention that you use DB in a job interview and you’ll get fired before you get the job.
  5. Git makes you smarter.
  6. It’s a pain in the butt to easily and selectively ignore folders/files. (In DB, I think you can’t ignore files, just folders…)

I’ll be adding more as I remember…

You could also use both, but never use DB alone…

Never be afraid from Git - Most importantly, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re a tough-guy and use the terminal instead of a gui-frontend when starting out, you’ll wish you were never born. Use SourceTree at first. Just learn the basic stuff when starting out: Add, Commit, Push and Pull.

I haven’t tried but there’s a Team License which allows you to work in team remotely, you don’t need Unity Pro, but again I haven’t tried it so I really can’t tell if that’s suitable for your needs, here’s the link