[Win app] about ex2D error

I just handle a game which is originally for iOS/Android. I want it can be play on Windows Store App. Now I have a problem. When I enter the game scene(not menu scene), all what I can see are pink or purple squares. I am sure the game is running but all the characters and map sprites are pink/purple(as attached picture). There is an error message:

   **Unsupported: ex2D/Alpha Blended**

I check the version of my ex2D is v1.2.5 and support plateform is iphone. I am not sure whether this problem have something to do with it or not?

After that, I change the shader code. Then it works! So I think it doesn’t matter with the version of ex2D. The problems come from the shader ex2D/Alpha Blended. You may need to change the shader code for the specific functionality you want.

Basically, the shader code provided by ex2D has issue, you can still use the API of ex2D but change the shader code to the built-in shader of Unity3D. Possibly, you can paste the built-in shader code over the shader code of ex2D.