Wind Blowing

How do i make it look like an item is being blown by the wind???

In my game there are 3 chip packets by a trash bin, and there is wind. so i want to make it look like the chip packets get blown by the wind.

Can anyone help? Please.

Use a particle system. You don’t want to simulate physics on crap that’s laying around your level unless it effects gameplay (or if you’re not concerned with framerates).

just create an emitter elipsoid large enough to cover the area you want the trash to blow around in, attach a mesh emitter to it so you can use some trash models, then set up your emitter properties so it looks like it’s moving with the wind.

there’s no specific instructions for it, you just have to play with the particle system settings to get an effect that works for you.

I tried that but it wasn’t what i was looking for.
I was trying to make it loop.