Wind physics script

So i feel real stupid for asking this but im at a stand still with this how to do this. Im in construction of a tornado chasing game i hope to be releasing on steam when its finished. I have a tornado that looks pretty amazing and was able to write a wandering script for it to wander around at random. What i need now it a script that will apply “Force” to game objects with in a certain range and have the force be stronger towards the center and not as much further away. So force applied negatively at 100 yards would be 10 and at 5 yards be 1000 as an example. But also pick up the objects have them rotate around for a given amount of time and then let them go and make it look as real as possible. I dont have any script to show because im at a loss. Do i need to do this with a trigger object that is attached to the twister and is not rendered in game? Ill pay if someone can write me a full working script or explain to me in great detail so i can understand how to write it and how to apply it! Ill be posting updates on the game both on my youtube and on here! Thanks in advance!

I have no idea how to program this since I am very new to Unity, but this store asset includes a spherical force script that might be the type of thing you’re looking for: