Wind zone doesnt work

How can I make a wind zone? It doesnt work for me. I made a tree in the tree creator, added a wind zone and I put a camera over the tree. If I watch the camera in game mode nothings happens. Can someone help me?

First of all, make sure the tree has a bend factor in the terrain settings.

I'm not completly sure yet but I encountered the same problem this morning and came to the conclusion that tree's that are created in a Blender, 3ds max or some other tool work (eg. the palm tree in Standard Assets) however a tree created with the tree generator does not.

But as I said I'm not completly sure and haven't looked into it very deep.

Actually, trees with the generator do work (at least for me). Put in the bend factor, then put in a directional wind, pointing towards the tree from close range. I've just tested this, and it worked for me.

Ok, but I placed al the trees in my game in the terrain without the places trees function. I just inserted it into the terrain with drag and drop. How can I use the bend factor for that sort of trees?

Sorry for my bad English.

Can someone help me to solve my last problem?

i have trees made in blender but they donĀ“t move when i create a wind zone, what can be the problem here? and also, a wind zone can work with planes to?